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If you’re looking for a marine engine with flexible operating configurations and advanced emissions-reducing technologies, you’ll love our new natural gas and diesel options. MTU’s high-speed gas engines now have real punch, and starting in 2018, our trusted diesels will feature MTU developed SCR technology, making them cleaner than ever.

Not only do our marine engines meet IMO III and EPA Tier 4 requirements, they’re also economical, versatile and resilient. So let’s go green together, and get you the engine you really want.

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Technical Details


MTU Diesel genset in real life operation - Monitoring a Tugboat

In a cross compilation project with Fairplay Towage a tugboat with diesel hybrid and the SCR technology of the future is working under real conditions in Rotterdam harbor in a longtime endurance test which is realtime monitored by the manufacturer MTU in Friedrichshafen.

Longtime proven core engine
FPP ready (Fixed Pitch Propeller)
CO2 25% less emissions
LCC optimized
Gas safe machinery concept
Power up to 2000 kW (2682 bhp)
Outstanding acceleration
SCR only Compact EGA system
85 mbar backpressure potential after SCR for shipside piping
Reduced optimized fuel consumption
Power up to 3220 kW (4318 bhp)
Improved acceleration
Numerous option parts available

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